The Thing About Technology, You See…

The Troll lumbered on over and posted again at my site. Just a little comment, I think meant as a taunt. Maybe to see if he could still post here. He managed to, but only because of a tiny mistake I’d made banning the link to his homepage. I’ve fixed it.

What the Troll doesn’t know is that now his address is not only on my ban list, but is also wending its way onto a shared database (blacklist) of spammers’ web addresses.

This means tons of blogs all over the world using the same blocking application will potentially, eventually, automatically ban comments from him that link back to his site.

Which is fitting, really, if you think about it. Technology may not fix all our problems, but when it’s decently built it can certainly help keep them at arm’s length.

UPDATE: Added bonus, even linkless trollspam can be blocked… or, at least, disemvowelled. Beautiful.

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