From my sister

Yes, email from my sister brings images like this, my nephew Nate, who, like any baby, loves to use his mouth while exploring. I think the crib’s not going to be so delicious for him, though.

I’m looking forward to meeting this fellow, along with the rest of my family, next time I’m in Canada. I’m hoping for summer, hoping hoping hoping!

(PS: The photo is, I think, by my sister Marie, who’s become quite the photographer!)

7 thoughts on “From my sister

  1. Awesome webpage bro.

    I didn’t know you had the power to block someone from commenting on any blog in the world. That’s totally amazing dude. You must own like half of the internets. I was once offered 30% of the internets but I turned it down.

    Fellow Saskatoonian.

    PS – thanks for the tip on blocking people from commenting on any blog in the world. I’m sure you have some sort of VIP to the internets (being a highly respected english teacher) but maybe I can use that service too if I can bribe someone who also owns some of the internets. THANK GOD FOR INTERNETS!!!!

  2. Thanks, but I didn’t have anything to with that. I warned them when they had him in a punky mohawk, that he’d be hard to control, and look now: he’s eating the furniture!

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