Damn, I woke early to get the chance to cycle to school on a Tuesday. I don’t often manage to do it when I have a morning class, but I disciplined myself to get enough sleep so that I can. But according to the service I use online for weather forecasting, the chances of rain are too high.‘s online forecasting service is guessing 30% chance of rain, and it’s always been reliable. On horribly overcast days when it’s claimed 10% chance, the results have been borne out, usually, and it doesn’t rain all day long. So even though it looks like the kind of crappy rain day that sometimes clears up by the afternoon, I don’t want to cycle up in the middle of a surprise shower. Ah well… maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow looks better.

Oh, by the way, there is a plugin for Mozilla, and one for Explorer I suppose—I use Firefox, though—for weather forecasts. And it probably even has your city, just as it has mine. If you want the Firefox plugin, look for ForecastFox, near the bottom of this page.

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