Hushed Up

If anyone’s wondering why I’ve been relatively quiet, it’s because I’m currently busy with the following:

  • Reading a friend’s manuscript for criticism.
  • Working on two (2) short stories, one of which is still the time travel story and the other of which, a tale about some kids in a futuristic international school who run into a different set of questions about copyright, exploitation, and voyeurism.
  • There’s other reading I’m doing some on the side, as well.
  • I’m also trying to get into a proper exercise routine which involves swimming and cycling in decent amounts.
  • I’m getting schooled over at the New Sophists’ Almanac.
  • Finally, it’s the Jeonju Film Festival once again, and I have all kinds of tickets. Today I saw two films for kids, plus a very depressing documentary about Tanzanian arms and fish trading. (Yesterday I saw a documentary with Lime about this cat.)

So if you were wondering why I’m quieter now, that’s a good start at explaining why. But the good news is, everything—especially my stories—is proceeding well.

2 thoughts on “Hushed Up

  1. It is long, but then, given the length of time you worked on it, I’m not surprised! No worries about my workload, it’s almost all created by myself, you know… and it’s a pleasure to crit you. :)

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