Your Personal Saviour

I’m taking suggestions for this T-shirt idea, which I think will be the first one I get made:

“Have you accepted ____ as your personal saviour?” is the quote, and I’m just wondering what to put in the blank.

Should it be: “Rational discussion”? “The Enlightenment”? “Secular Humanism”? “Science”? And whose picture should I include, with a halo? For science, I’d guess a picture of Einstein. For Secular humanism, maybe Betrand Russell.

Anyway, ideas are welcome. I may do up a few. I betcha there’s a small market in the world for it, but an ardent one.

5 thoughts on “Your Personal Saviour

  1. Kim Jeong-il would be my first choice. Seriously, I think those T-shirts would sell if you got a pic of Jeong-il on a particularly bad hair day.

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