Instead of Pinochets

Well, some of you might recall a Friday 5 post I made a while back, which led to some comments among which Mike made a suggestion for a short story. I told him:

If I so write it up and sell it, I owe you some beer.

Well, Mike, I don’t suggest holding your breath quite yet, but I do think I’m almost done with the first part of that if-then statement. (Selling’s always the harder part, innit?)

Even though I’ve been trying to catch up on New Sophists’ stuff, and to read Kat’s manuscript, I’ve been traveling, which means reading something more portable (China Miéville’s The Scar, to be precise), but still, hours sitting on the bus means hours sitting.

So during my trip to Gumi to see a friend from my middle-school days (a trip I’ll post more about soon), I did a lot of thinking. A lot of thinking translated to a lot of ideas for writing, which is what I did for most of Sunday and Monday.

Et voila! I have finished the first draft (well, tinkered enough to consider a second draft, ie. showable to other people) of a short story called “Instead of Pinochets”. It’s got a teenaged Japanese narrator (with a teenaged Korean best friend), a mysterious kid from Chile, a nasty young thug from Moscow, some dirty bits, some nasty bits, some wacko technology, and some thoughts on copyright, piracy, and possible lessons of the Cold War. No reflections on Motown, though… but the Cold War thing seemed more fruitful, in my opinion.

So, yes, here comes the pathetic appeal: I am looking for who might be interested in providing comments or feedback on it. It’s one of the two stories I promised myself I’d finish before I start seriously chasing down a market guide and sending out stories like I should have done years ago. Any thoughts on how it could be improved would be appreciated. Drop a comment or an email my way and I shall furnish you with the goods… unless I don’t trust you, of course.

One more story to go. Perhaps Wednesday I’ll make some headway on that one, though I plan to spend more of my free time working on reading as much of Kat’s novel as I can manage. (Sorry Kat, I’m just a slow reader, even when not distracted by compelling [to me] stories commanding that they be written NOW!) Time paradoxes seem to stump me, but I’ve got most of a solution worked out.

2 thoughts on “Instead of Pinochets

  1. I’ll read. Fair’s fair, and besides, I’m intrigued now….

    And no worries about the slowness. I blugeoned members of my family into reading the thing and they gave me ego-boosts, so I’m happy. Right now I’m concentrating on plotting out the next story I want to write anyway.

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