Low Activity

Well, I hope some of you guys are following by RSS because I’m updating less often and I think it’s a good trend to keep up. If you’re not—in other words, if you’re check my blog and the others you’re currently reading by going to the individual pages every once in a while to see if it’s been updated—then I really recommend the Bloglines RSS reader service. Using bloglines, you can just subscribe to any pages you want to see updates from, and all those that have RSS feeds will show updates right in your little spot on the bloglines site. It’s nifty.

As for me, this month I will be a bit busy. I’m

  1. Reading & writing a lot more than I am posting.
  2. Hanging out with Lime, since we’ll be apart for a month, minimum, this summer—if she travels too, it’ll be even longer!
  3. Trying to catch up on reading manuscripts & writing crits for friends.
  4. Getting some market research done and deciding where, strategically, it would be best to send each of my stories that are waiting for submission to mags… which is, all of them.
  5. Working on burning all the copied CDs I’ve promised to all kinds of people over the last few months. Oh, and…
  6. I’ll probably try finish a first draft of my time-travel story as well, something to edit on the plane-ride over the Pacific/Arctic.

So if I post a little less often, do bear with me and don’t give up completely on me. Subscribe via Bloglines, or just check back in a few weeks, okay?

2 thoughts on “Low Activity

  1. I usually read via RSS – though I’m thinking about giving up on bloglines and switching to another reader.

    Anyhow, take a break and follow your priorities.

  2. Is bloglines really going that badly for you? It seems to work fine for almost all of my feeds, except those that have a problem in the feed itself.

    However, you may find that another reader is more robust for your purposes. Have you tried the RSS function in Mozilla itself? I heard that there was one, though I don’t use it myself.

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