6 months teetotal…

That’s right, I am not really allowed to drink alcohol for the next six months or so. I’m taking medication for a long-term problem which, to my surprise, medicine may well be able to cure… my nails may turn out to be normal in six months, we’ll see.

So anyway, if we’re out somewhere and you see me without a drink, don’t even bother asking why. I’ve spent half my life hiding the fingernails on my left hand and feeling embarrassed about my feet, and I’d like a chance not to have to do so.

5 thoughts on “6 months teetotal…

  1. Kangmi: if you keep saying it’s easy, I may believe you.

    Actually, I’m fine with it. I can do it, I know. It’ll be cheaper, and besides, I haven’t been drinking much lately anyway. Lime hits her limit after about a half a can of beer, with a maximum of a full can. Usually we split a can if we have it at all. So it’s not like I’m giving up a lot.

    And besides, I am so happy to have my fingernails back that I don’t even mind. I’ve been hiding these nasties for half my life, and it’d be nice to move on.

  2. Gord,

    No alcohol will be worth it especially if your nails are as bad as you say. Besides for myself I don’t really see what the big deal from getting drunk is. Back in highschool and university I did that, but now I’m lucky if I have one drink in 2 months.

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