Sick People

Well, here I am at home. Lime’s come over, and she has a nasty, nasty cough, and I finally convinced her to try my old remedy: inhaling steam from a hot bowl of water. Well, she convinced herself to do it this way: she put a green tea bag into it and informed me that the steam would be good for her skin.

“IT’S GREEN TEA!” she declared from under the towel that was holding in all that good steam for her to inhale. Later, in a plaintive tone, “It’s like a sauna…”

Skin aside, I’m hoping it also helps her cough. (Sounds like it is…) As for me, I’ve done my mild stretches and put on my medicated bandage on my back, so we’re both in recuperate mode.

UPDATE: She says it did help. A lot. So hey, next time you have a cough, try it. Green tea optional.

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