On Top Of Things

Well, there is nothing to makes you feel like getting as much work as possible done ahead of time as knowing that you’re leaving the country only a few days after the last test you’re giving.

My gradesheets are all pretty much ready to hand in: homework ticks have all been made, attendance grades assigned, midterm marks all converted to out-of-30-marks. This means that during testing, all I need to do is plug in a mark out of 40 for the test grade, assign an in-class participation mark to be combined with the homework ticks into a single Homework/Participation grade, and then calculate the final grade by addition, write in the letter grade, and punch it all into the computer.

Now, for my Monday class I should be able to get that done right after class on Monday… except perhaps the computer part, since the computer sometimes isn’t online till Wednesday. My Tuesday classes run all day, and I am going to have to leave off calculating the final grades of the evening class students, but that’s fine, since my only class on Wednesday is at 8:30am.

So by sometime around noon on Wednesday, I should be finished calculating all of my grades for all of my classes save two classes that test on Thursday.

The plan is that I will have all my gradesheets finished, grades punched into the system, and the gradesheets handed in by 5:30pm on Thurssday, so that I don’t need to come in on Friday morning. Which would be nice, since I’ll have some running around to do then.

But I have never gone into final exams with all of this all finished ahead of time. Usually, being that we tested from the middle of week 15 onwards, it was no big deal to calculate all the other stuff in week 16. But now, we’re restricted to testing in week 16, and means being really seriously prepared.

Ah well… I need to go get ready for today’s camp meeting. Also our last meeting before everyone goes away for their holidays, and we have a lot to get done.

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