The Visit

Well, I’ve been at my parents’ home for two weeks now.

I won’t say my visit with my family has been easy all the way through, but I am finally glad I came home to see them. The arguments we’ve had have led us to a somewhat better understanding of one another, and led me to a better understanding of the value of acceptance of what you can and cannot do for other people.

I’ve also seen my sisters and their husbands, and my dreadfully adorable nephew, photos of whom are soon forthcoming. He’s a great kid, tough as hammers and bold and very loved and I can tell he’s deeply supported. He’s a happy child, and who can wish better for a kid? Not me.

All of this, though, is very personal, perhaps more personal than I intend on posting in the future. I could write about how I miss Lime, or how my back’s troubling me, but I think I want to move in another direction on this site, so… for now, I’m not going to get into all that.

For now, I’m going to write about something else. And for that, see my next post.

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