Are You a Science-Fiction Scholar?

Feet on the ground, but reaching for the stars.
You talk the talk, but would you know what to do in an alien invasion? You got 9/11 correct.

That’s not bad, considering I don’t actually like Star Trek, Star Wars, and a lot of other stuff that the quiz’s author seems to consider SF.

You can try the quiz here. I think I found it on Ritu’s page. Or somewhere she linked, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Are You a Science-Fiction Scholar?

  1. I scored 10 of 11. Ironically (since I read the ST:TPM paperback about ten times as a kid) I missed the very last question about Kirk’s grandpappy.

    But yeah, that was a stupid quiz. A good question might have been, “In which of Greg Bear’s books is the human race and/or the earth not destroyed?” I think that might be a trick question, actually, but I’ve only read a couple of his books, and so far the species is batting zero.

  2. I scored 11/11. Hence, it is a stupid quiz. :)

    (I haven’t read enough of the good hard-core stuff to be that much of an expert.)

  3. Greg Bear destroying the Earth/humanity? Does evolving into something else count?

    The Darwin’s Radio books might count as the destruction of humanity. But in this Queen of Angels/Slant books, I don’t remember humanity or the Earth being destroyed. Changed beyond recognition, sure, but not destroyed. (Have I forgotten the ending or something?)

    If you’ve not read the Queen of Angels/Slant, from what I recall they’re absolutely great books.

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