Well, the first week of camp mostly without a camp director is done, and I am exhausted. Okay, it’s not technically done, since four teachers are on-shift tomorrow morning, but it’s mainly done for me. I have the afternoon off and I’ll be needing it: I did a lot of camp direction work, as well as teaching my own class, for a week, and it has me worn down.

I’ve learned a lot in the last week, mainly about how complicated it is to work with 120 human beings and how hard it is to be asked to call many of the shots in some organization. It’s even more difficult and frustrating when several people are simultaneously trying to call the shots and the messages are getting crossed. Luckily, it looks like those problems will be resolved one way or the other… sort of… maybe.

So anyway, I have to go have a little bit of a nap now. The incipient cold I feel coming on is scratching around in the back of my throat, and I’m a little nervous about where it’s headed next. Napping is the key, I think.

2 thoughts on “Raggedy

  1. Your site is quite beautiful. I was looking for any reviews on Shiva Vandana’a book and stumbled across your site in the process. It seems we have a few things in common in the movie/music departments. Commenting on your reviews has proven to be quite difficult, technically(this could be entirely my fault). I did not see a review on 2046. Did I happen to overlook it?

  2. First of all, thank you. It’s nice to hear nice comments.

    Second of all, yeah, Vandana Shiva is just great! I am thinking of picking up some more as soon as my to-be-read piles get a little smaller. (It’ll be at least a year, though.)

    Third: what do we have in common regarding music? Filmwise I’m not so surprised, but if you’re into atonal jazz, I’m shocked and pleased to hear I’m not alone in the world. Actually, I know I’m not, but it’s rare to meet anyone who doesn’t think John Coltrane’s Ascension is just an exercise in auditory violence.

    Commenting on old posts is near-impossible on my site, by design. I used to get loads and loads of spam, enough that it would crash my service provider’s system. I haven’t gotten around to fixing all of that, though, because I’m thinking idly about migrating from Movable Type to WordPress, where the problem would be less dire and structure would likely allow comments on old posts.

    However, until then if you wish to comment on them, email is welcome, and if you like I could post the comment to the article myself.

    As for 2046, I kind of skimmed through the film once, but I didn’t watch it, not really, so that’s why there’s no review of it. I have a copy around here somewhere, though.

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