Yeah, it’s a spoonerism. I’m about to leave to have a little run-through with the Dabang Band. They’re having a farewell show at the local foreigner bar and Thai, who I hung out with last night, asked me to sit in on a few of the old tunes. Though I haven’t played with them, or even at all, since last November, I think it’ll be fun, and I’m happy about it. What I’m not happy about is playing on a new reed… but all the old ones have been sitting for something like nine months. If a baby can gestate in that amount of time, just think of what kinds of nasty bacteria are living inside those old reeds of mine. So, I’m going to test one out before heading out the door and downtown.

For anyone interested, and in the area, the final Dabang show is on Saturday night at 7:43pm at the Deepin, with guests Cabinet and Plastic People.

And for anyone into atonal music, Jason and I are planning to go see a Bulgasari show in Seoul on Sunday evening.

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