The Disgusting Girl Blog

This blog is hilarious. I’m inspired, really. In a sick, awful kind of way.

The disgusting girl I work with and her new girl friend both wore tube tops for casual Friday. Their navels remind me of ebony and ivory subway tunnels. I wish I could turn back time to the 1950’s when all women were forced to dress like school teachers. Only super models and teenagers should be allowed to expose their bare bellies in the light of day.

If you want to feel slightly sick, but laugh your ass off too, follow the link above. And just read the whole thing, from the bottom up to the top.

5 thoughts on “The Disgusting Girl Blog

  1. Holy cow! Laughter is supposed to be part of my therapy, and I did plenty of it. I read the whole blog in one sitting.

  2. I actually found DG about a week ago, and laighed myself silly. Wow! You’re about the tenth blogger that I know that has also found it. I came across it on a blog trot one night.

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