More Philosopherizaicalization

Over at New Sophist’s Almanac, the philosophy tandem blog I run with my friend Marvin, activity has begun again after some quiet summer time.

Marvin posted reflections about his experiences with karate, reflections fueled in part by reading Edward Said’s Orientalism. I responded to his wonderful post with some of my own thoughts as a kind of Orientalist-by-necessity that I find myself being in my life as a foreigner in Korea.

And now, the hardcore stuff: our spelunking of the Alpha Theory has begun again, with the aid of one Bourbaki, who is answering questions on this theory which purports to replace all of that supposedly ineffective ethical philosophy with something based in scientific principles. I’m skeptical, but willing to hear the fellow out, and to that end, I’m posting a series of interpretations on each installment of Alpha Theory, one by one, along with questions and issues I have with each installment. We’re on Part 6 of Alpha theory, the original of which you can read over at God of the Machine. My summary is here, and check out the comments section of that post for more discussion and excavation.

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