Movable Type Blues

I don’t know what’s causing it, but my installation of Movable Type is behaving somewhat strangely. I can’t figure out exactly why, but I’m wondering if installing the new, upgraded version will help. While I do want to port over to WordPress, I’m scared about the learning curve and figure that for now, it’d be easier to readjust my MT installation, work on WordPress for another site I’m building, and once I am more comfortable, make the shift over to WordPress quickly and cleanly.

But if this site goes silent for a few days, and then disappears, worry not. It will reappear in short order, I assure you. I’ll try to make a holding page for the meantime, if it does happen.

2 thoughts on “Movable Type Blues

  1. I had difficulty installing both MT 3.2 and one of the betas before that. Neither MT nor my webhost support undertsnads what the problm is. read the directions carefully, and look at MT community forums before starting, because solutions a re still rolling in. I;m considering a change to WP or Radio Userland next year, but I would have to export files and do a web design swap, too. Really, I’m just pissed at MT right now, especially considering the censorship problem, too.

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