Hot Damn!

Well, as you can see, things around here are a bit different.

My Movable Type installation choked on itself and died in the night, and the support guys at my service provider said they couldn’t fix it. So I had a choice, either to go pay some money for support, or to strike out into new territory… ie., to migrate to WordPress.

Now, it’s not that I’m fundamentally opposed to paying for a product I use. I mean, I blog a lot, it’s a big part of my life. But… on the other hand, why pay for something when you can have it for free? I’ve been pretty impressed with the stability of the WordPress blogs I’ve seen out there, so I am hopeful that this will at best be a step up, or at worst, a lateral move.

But it’ll be awhile before I import all of my old entries into WordPress, or get a chance to work in my photoblog entries. Those might be a long while, since they depended on a lot of hardcoded template content. And then there’s the fact that I’m supposed to set up a WordPress blog for some friends who are starting a new magazine soon. So anyway, it’ll be a while until this is the old eclexys again. But I will keep posting, and I will work on getting the old content imported and also on sprucing this place up a little. I was kind of wanting a blogly makeover, anyway.

More to come.

7 thoughts on “Hot Damn!

  1. Enh… it’s okay. Assuming WordPress will import this stuff in sensibly, I haven’t lost anything. Might take some work to get things back to a decent layout and appearance, but hey, it’ll all be okay. I can deal with lost format… it’s just lost content that would horrify me.

  2. Wow, people are still rading me! Cool.

    Well, thanks for the feedback. I don’t know exactly what killed the Movable Type installation, but it had been having some problems, deep in the code, for a long, long time. Posts would refuse to rebuild unless I renamed them, and comment/trackback spam was getting ridiculous. I’m sure I’ll have to put some precautions in soon, but I am quite happy to note how smooth this interface feels. A little alien, but smooth.

    I’m about to go import old entries and try out importing a new (stolen, for now, till I have time to adapt it) style. Wish me luck!

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