Static Pages Added

If you check out the sidebar, you’ll see I’ve added added some Static Pages to the site. There’s a bio for me, as well as a FAQ containing the standard Korean questions and the answers I wish I could give, a character sheet for me if I were a Wraith: The Oblivion character, my political opinions on various issues, and an explanation of the name of my website, “eclexys”. More will be coming in the next few days, as well as some edits to what’s already there. Everything is in transition and will probably remain so for a while. And I’ll be helping Lime put up a WordPress site this weekend, too, so anyway, it’s coming, in good time. Check back often!

4 thoughts on “Static Pages Added

  1. Gord, I don’t know if it’s your feed or Bloglines, but Bloglines isn’t telling me when you have new posts. Have any other readers had problems?

  2. Gaaaa. This happened on another WordPress blog I know about. Maybe there’s some bug in WordPress, or in the way Bloglines reads WordPress’s default RSS feeds? I havem’t heard about any problems from anyone else, but it hardly surprises me. Maybe I’ll add a feedburner feed, assuming feedburner doesn’t also have the same kinds of problems. Hm.

    Oh, the weird thing is, I just subbed myself and the posts are all there, up to the most recent one. Hmm.

    Could you check one more time, and then let me know if your feed subscription is still acting weirdly? Then I’ll contact Bloglines and ask them what the story is. Maybe there’s some small thing I can change in my feed, or maybe I can add a ping-sent command for bloglines when I post, if such a capacity exists.

    Oooh, ooh, scratch that. I found something that’s supposed to fix it! I’ve installed it—if you can say that for just uploading a little file. I’ll post about that in the hope that others with the same problem find their way to the right solution…

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