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Well, Lime and I had a couple of days in the country, which were really nice except for the bathroom. The number of times I say that in Korea makes me a little bit sad. If only people conceived of bathrooms as rooms that people actually use, that people should be able to stretch, move, relax, and actually clean themselves effectively in, life would be a lot more comfortable and sweet here. But anyway, we went for a couple of walks, saw some movies—the little cottage we stayed in had a TV with a cable setup—and had some good food. It was a nice little trip. Expect some photos from our nature walk, soon.

Now I’m back, and doodling around online while she studies at home and has some Chuseok celebration stuff with her family, I guess. If you’re wondering why I’d be willing to pay some money to play an online game, watch this promo (30 Megs / 118 Megs). This is how I’m spending my Chuseok evening.

It’s Chuseok afternoon, and right now I’m formatting my girlfriend’s laptop’s drive to install the Ubuntu Linux OS so she can try it out. I think it should work fine for her, but the only problem is that she needs a version of Internet Explorer. Most Korean websites are coded to fit not with international standards, but only with Microsoft’s. Since Mozilla chokes on some of the standard coding used, she “needs” Internet Explorer. Theoretically, it can be installed and run using a Windows emulator called WINE, but I don’t know if it’s gonna work for her. So I’m inflicting it on myself first. It’d be nice if it did work, though, since that would mean no more worrying about her having problems with viruses and such as she did before.

I’m also hoping to finish one of the books I’ve been reading tonight. Expect a review in the next day or two.

Ah, my last two things: I’m writing a blog-review for a new womens’ magazine called Cahoots, and I’m also installing their Content Management System this evening. I’m planning on using WordPress, and since I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with php, this should be interesting.

How are you spending your Chuseok?

3 thoughts on “Friggin’ Cool

  1. Reading eclexys, obviously. And working on my own site.

    This year, I think, is the first year since I’ve been married that we didn’t go to see the relatives.

  2. Happy Chuseok Gord,

    Since you ask, I am spending Chuseok at my in-laws’, but without my wife and kids, who are in the US for medical reasons. I managed to finish the Letters of Flannery O’Connor.


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