The Rules of Prog Metal

Marvin Marvin’s Sturdy Helpmate Keisha did this to me.

He Acting under her influence, he pointed me to The Rules of Prog Metal.

I fear… I just fear.

5 thoughts on “The Rules of Prog Metal

  1. For good reason. She knows I’ll cook for her again if I ever get the chance, now. ;) The pain, the pain!

    And you know, on the phone tonight, Lime asked me, “What’s Prog-metal?” I think it’s one of the first times something I’ve posted about stumped her.

    Scarier still, I discovered that she has heard, and actually feels favorably towards, both Rush and Dream Theater.

    Oh. My. Goodness.

  2. I don’t know from Dream Theater, but perhaps more scary is the fact that I was 36 before I ever listened to enough Rush to get some of what they were about. :-0

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