Why Don’t They Just Get Another Apartment For Nights Like This?

The couple upstairs has finally stopped bickering, after almost two hours of thuds, screams, and hollering all audible through the thick layer of concrete above my ceiling and beneath their floor. I think they rode off on a single motorcycle.

I tell you, when the church noises stop, the couple upstairs’ fights fill the silence. They both need to be slapped and reminded that other people live above, below, and beside them.

Well, maybe they don’t need to be slapped. But slapping them would be a good emotional release for their neighbours, nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Why Don’t They Just Get Another Apartment For Nights Like This?

  1. Oh man, that sucks. I once lived next to a couple that fought like cats and dogs all the time. It sounded like she was kicking the crap out of him on a daily basis, too, since I almost never heard his voice. Is pounding the ceiling with a broom handle and yelling some choice obscenities an option?

  2. The ceiling is concrete, so I don’t think a broom handle will do it. I was thinking of sticking a broom out the window and slapping it against their window, but that just seemed too weird. And I’m not sure I want to go to their door to tell them to shut the hell up, either. But leaving a note… I could do that.

    Though I know, from being in an unhappy couple, that sometimes the internal pressures of the thing just obliterate all outside considerations.

    In this couple, he does the castigating and she does the plaintive whine for reason, or calm, or perhaps just attention.


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