Mike’s Busy These Days

My friend Mike is pretty busy these days, it seems.

Readers in Toronto and Montreal might want to check out his show, though. He’s supposed to be one of the better young DJs in Canada. Wait, young? He’s my age. Whatever. He’s supposed to be good. Actually, well, last time I heard him, he was good. And yes, I could tell, even though the music wasn’t my kind of thing.

September 22th – 25th

Thursday, September 22nd
TORONTO: @ Comfort Zone
Hours: 12AM – 7AM Set Time: 3AM – 5AM (late night session for those anxious to get the weekend started!)
Also Featuring: Paranoid Jack, El Duran

Friday, September 23rd
Hours: 10PM – 3AM Set Time: 10PM – 3AM (another of Deko-ze’s favourite places to spin!)

Sunday, September 25th
TORONTO: “MASS” @ Comfort Zone
Hours: 6AM – 4AM Set Time: 9AM – 2PM ( ** Second instalment an exclusive 5 Hour Extended set!!!!! **)
Also Featuring: weekly residents
www.scenestermag.com/comfortzone.html, www.comfortzoneto.com

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