A Bit More

I was going to post a longish post fawning over the music I heard at the Jeonju Sori Festival, and my personal reactions, but I was asked today to write a two-page article about it (for translation and publication in a Korean magazine, I think a local thing). Because of this request I’m going to put off writing anything about it until tomorrow or the next day. Meanwhile I’m working on getting that website online for my friends, which should be up in a day or two.

But I will say for now that the musicians who stay most strongly in my mind are Geoffrey Oryema, Yair Dalal, Chartwell Dutiro, Sunyoung Kim (student of Pansori master Songhee Park), and the avant-garde group Musica Ataraxia.

I’ll try update this with links when I get home. Gotta run to class now.

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