Cut Off But Still Around

I cannot express to you how badly Hanaro sucks. I lost my internet connection with them on Friday night, just after service became impossible, and it stayed off until this morning. Despite my phone calls, nothing at all was fixed and, despite the fact I successfully pinged their router, and the router would not connect out, they insisted there was no problem there and that the problem needed to be solved by a technician, in my apartment.

I told them in response that their service is terrible, their “help” is never available, and that I am so profoundly dissatisfied with them that I will be telling everyone I can not to support their useless, unprofessional company. I also told them this wasn’t the first time I had bad experiences with Hanaro, but that it will definitely be the last, and that others had said the same to say.

I also noted to the call-centre person that I knew it wasn’t his fault, but that his company was making me so angry that I needed to tell someone there how ridiculously bad a job the company was doing. Even then, there was not an apology, not a little bit of responsibility shown. “We’re doing our best,” sounds like bullshit when I’m out a connection for days at a time.

Wednesday morning, someone will come and disconnect my awful Hanaro connection, and Wednesday afternoon, someone from Thrunet will come and hook me up. I have high expectations. I hope I don’t get let down.

So anyway, this explains why I’ve not been around much. This, plus I’ve been seeing a couple of shows a day at the Jeonju Sori festival. I’ll hold back for now, since I have a lot to say but I have only one more show to see, and then I can post my thoughts about the whole weeklong experience in one go.

For now, I have to go work on a friend’s website for a while.

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