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For a few weeks I’ve been working pretty close to constantly on this website I’m building for a couple of friends in Saskatoon who’ll be launching an alternative womens’ magazine called Cahoots. Well, after much painstaking work, backtracking, studying up on php, and even begging for help from a Canadian woman named Mary, the website is finally live.

The site is powered by WordPress, and is using the Wuhan theme (which, yes, I know means that we have to contribute money to WordPress; it’s on the editor’s list of stuff to do). And it’s almost completely done, by gob. Looks like the structure’s all good, it’s just the content that needs to get fixed and prettied up a little — and even most of that is done.

Tomorrow, I’ll be looking over the “edited” version of the column I submitted. I’ll be writing a column on blogs written by women for the mag, in addition to occasional webmastering.

But for now, it’s time for my midnight walk.

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  1. Thanks, but I can’t take much credit. All the work I did on the site has nothing to do with the prettiness, it’s all just structural stuff. Like how the archives display seasonally, or how the links show up in the links page, or the use of “semi-static” pages, and the fact that all the forms on the various contact/submit pages work. Those were all my work. But the prettiness of the site mostly has to do with the designer of the Wuhan theme, Meng Gao.

    However, I am thinking of doing up a theme as my next major online project. Creating a theme in CDD from scratch. I think it could be kind of fun, if I manage to get a testblog up. But first, I need to create some kind of subpage on this site for my writing samples.

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