And then went down to the ship…

That’s right, we got us an Ezra Pound study group going. It’s Chullsung, Jason, and me on Monday afternoons spelunking (and then trying to dig out way out of) his Bible-sized book of poems — or, you could say, his pagan-Biblical poem — The Cantos, starting 1:15pm weekly. Next week is Cantos 1-3, including earlier drafts if we can get our hands on ’em. I’m excited. (I think I’ll bring the relevant bit from The Odyssey as well, if I can find it among my books… but I think I left The Odyssey in Canada, and only have The Iliad in Korea

Unless you’ve had the joy of reading a book that makes your brains feel like spaghetti, you can’t know how pleased I am at this particular moment. Though maybe the analogy of having started a lacrosse club in a foreign country might work, sort of.

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