Lime and the Kicking Of Butts

Those who know me well have heard me point out my doubts regarding the wisdom of Korea’s adopting the TOEIC test for business English as the litmus test for English ability in the country. I won’t restate my objections here, but I will say that they do not take away from how happy I am for Lime, who just got an excellent score on the first TOEIC exam she has ever written.

She wrote it, it seems, out of curiosity, and after only a month’s preparation. Many people (including some of her friends) take classes at language schools between subsequent attempts at the test, and score only in the 700s or 800s. Lime, basically on her own abilities, scored in the 900s, which is pretty good since it’s scored out of 990. This is quite simply outstanding. I do hope this gives her an infusion of confidence as she counts down for another big exam. It seems that in her life there is always one more big exam looming on the horizon, but a little solace in her current victory is well-deserved.

Congratulations, Lime! 진짜 잘 했어! 오예! 축하해부러!

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