Today it’s been snowing like mad all day long, so I didn’t much feel like going out. After some movie-review blogging, I settled into study of Ezra Pound — I swear, for those interested, a big update is coming with all kinds of observations on the Cantos since last time: our group has finished A Draft of XXX Cantos and is now working on Eleven New Cantos: XXXI-XLI. Somewhere in the middle of studying Pound, Lime came over and hung out, and after spending the later afternoon and evening here, I walked her to the bus stop; it was the first time I set foot outside since yesterday, and the snow was so thick I decided to bring a camera along. Here are some shots, and I hope you enjoy them. Of course you can click for a bigger shot, and use the backspace key to return to the main blog page.

snowy view from my front door another front door snowy view the boughs laden with snow the local power box also laden looks just like back alleys in my hometown

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