“I Haven’t Been Listening to Any Music Lately.”

That’s what my website claims, so it must be true.

Actually, I have been, but on my poor, limping, half-functioning mp3 player, not on my computer. That’s why nothing is showing up on my audioscrobbler feed, and that’s why my website thinks that I haven’t been listening to anything at all. Ah well.

But in fact, during all of my recent trips, I have been listening more to audio narration than to music. I’m enjoying Lawrence Lessig’s book Free Culture, which I’m listening to in free audiobook format. Lawrence Lessig rocks, and that’s just that. And you know, releasing his book as a Creative Commons book only heightens my interest in him. I am sure his book sales are doing much better as a result of giving people all kinds of permission to pirate and distribute it; and not just for this book, but for all of his books, I am sure sales are up. Brilliant. If you want a link to his site, he’s somewhere in the Short, Maybe Not Sweet asides in the left sidebar on the main page, for now anyway.

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