A Nice Thing I Forgot To Report

Since I very often refuse to pull punches when the annoying things come up, I feel at least obligated to mention nice things when they do happen. One happened just yesterday.

My very happy iAudio M3 purchase of October 2004 turned into this November’s annoyed jittering mess a few weeks ago, so Lime did me a favour and looked up the local service center. To my shock, there actually is a local service center. We went there on Monday afternoon.

To my even bigger shock, the repair staff asked me whether I’d dropped the unit or not, without first telling me, “Hey, your warranty’s up, so you GOTTA pay, friend”. I said I had only exposed it to extremely heavy use, and the repairman told me he’d try to get me a new 20-gigabyte drive for free.

Which he did. I picked it up on Tuesday afternoon, in rather obvious shock. They reassured me that I in fact didn’t have to pay anything at all for the service. Now, that is great customer service. So great I can’t quite figure it out, but hey… I am a happy iAudio user, and I’m likely to buy another iAudio unit when the time comes, so there you are. They did a good job for me, and for the company they’re doing service for.

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