Two Letters I Can’t Write

Dear Psycho Who Lives Upstairs in Apartment 601,

Please stop yelling at the woman you live with. You sound mentally ill, and it’s obviously not changing her mind anyway. Seriously, sometimes in the hall I hear your voice and without pause a straitjacket comes to mind.

Please stop stomping around. It’s really, really annoying me.

Please stop this habit of starting loud, nasty fights late at night. If you have to fight, do it in the daytime.

Please stop being so damned psychotic. Get help. Surely you don’t think screaming, throwing things, and freaking out once a week, on Thursdays, is normal, do you? It’s not.

Please realize it’s not normal, and not good. And that you don’t have to live this way.

Dear Woman Who Lives With The Psycho Who Lives Upstairs in Apartment 601,

Please just wake up and walk away from this guy.

Please don’t let him treat you that way, or you might end up dead.

Please have the intelligence and guts run away while you still have the chance. No social stigma, no familial rejection, no amount of time lost making sure he can’t hurt could ever compare to what you’re putting up with.

And if you stay with him…

Please don’t give him any children to abuse.

4 thoughts on “Two Letters I Can’t Write

  1. Hmmm, that’s kind of how I feel like now that the New Year’s approaching. The idiots living around here are already starting celebrations with fireworks and, downstairs, bloody karaoke! *groan*

  2. It’d be nicer if it were just karaoke, though. I find it’s more harrowing when it’s screaming and yelling and fighting. Ugh.

    You know what you should do? Get a copy of John Zorn’s Naked City and blast it when they have the karaoke too loud. For, like, an hour. Heh. Try this sample for a vague idea what the album’s like. (Though I think the Japanese man screaming on the other tracks adds to the effect. You can hear bits of them at Amazon’s page for the CD.)

  3. You’re right, fighting is worse.

    I couldn’t listen to the sound clip (as usual), since none of my media players want to play asx :/ But I think i get the point :D

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