Yeah, camp is wearing on me. Wait, I think it’s the accumulated effect of four full camps, with this one being the least-well-organized, that is wearing on me. Things like someone booking buses to the basketball game tonight for 6:00pm but not thinking to move dinnertime earlier than the usual 5:30pm. Things like nobody knowing where this or that thing is. Things like continual revision of exercises and activities ten minutes before they begin, after nobody showed any interest in revising them a month ahead of time.

And yeah, though I’ve spent fewer nights in the dorm than last time — though almost double the mandatory nights — this business of waking up to a cascade of hellohellohelloooooos is getting under my skin a little. I think I understand now why, at the music camps I went to, the (teenaged) counselors had private rooms near the kids, but the teachers had their own rooms in a completely different building. I know that English camp might be different from music camp in some ways, but anyway, I definitely understand it now, if I didn’t already understand it thoroughly last time.

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