Is it normal?

I did my friend a favour while she was housesitting a mutual friends’ dogs in Seoul, and stopped in a few times a day yesterday and today to feed her cat. Well, last night, the cat vomited I don’t know how many times. (The floor-heating system was on, too, and it was all dry and crusty and hard to scrub off. Yuck!) I called just to check that this isn’t some kind of deadly cat’s-about-to-die symptom, and to let her know about it generally, and she said it wasn’t unusual for this cat, especially when he’s annoyed at her traveling and leaving him alone like that.

So here’s my question: is this normal of cats in general? Because it was really very gross, and even if I weren’t allergic, I would not be wanting a cat after that experience. Bleah! And yes, I know, babies vomit too, but that’s a little different.

3 thoughts on “Is it normal?

  1. I think it falls under “normal”. Don’t know about “typical”, though.

    I’m hoping one of your other readers has more familiarity with cats than I do. :) (I’m allergic, so no first-hand experience. Although I have a friend with cats who doesn’t have that really happen much, at least with her first three cats.)

    Babies vomiting – that’s usually a lot more predictable, and you can take steps to minimize the mess. (Although we have had little ones vomiting out of the blue, but that’s indicative of illness, and our kids don’t come down with as many of those as some other kids do. Oh, and having your kid throw up on you in a restaurant is not as bad as you think it would be if you considered the question beforehand.)

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