Wish Me, Well, Not Good Luck, But Maybe a Broken Leg or Something

I thought I would miss the deadline for the Canadian Speculative Fiction Anthology Tesseracts10, but it turns out they accept electronic submissions and that the deadline is today, so I spent the morning preparing my electronic submissions in PDF format.

Now, if you follow the link, you’ll see that the deadline is March 1st… 2005.

Argh. Anyway, it was a good learning experience for me: I figured out how to export PDFs with all the proper formatting in Open Office, and I chose some stories and poems that I think are publishable. I’ve emailed someone at Edge, the publisher of Tesseracts, to see if the next anthology is in the works yet, and I’ve done a little research to see where else I can send stories in the next few weeks. But for now, I suppose I should get showered and go for a bit of a wander with my camera since, after all, I don’t visit Fukuoka every day.

But everyone… ALWAYS check the deadline carefully. Argh.

4 thoughts on “Wish Me, Well, Not Good Luck, But Maybe a Broken Leg or Something

  1. I do wish you luck! You’re pretty passionate about SciFi, and I’m sure you’ll stand a very good chance of getting some recognition. By the way, Liminality published a short story at is site the other day. You might want to read it if you haven’t already.

    I’m curious: did you keep an electronic copy of your stories on your person for your visa run? That’s quite interesting!

    Good luck for the rest of your trip in Japan!

  2. I always have a backup of my most current writing folder (including everything I’ve worked on, finished or abandoned, since about 1999) on me at all times, in my MP3 player, which has humungous memory capacity. I also happened to transfer a copy of the folder onto my new laptop, which I brought along so I could write syllabi for the courses I’ll start teaching as of tomorrow.

  3. The story is actually up at the Workshop at the moment, and if you want to give it a read you should probably get there soon, before it’s replaced by my next “effort.” But don’t expect too much… it was a bit of an experiment, and in my opinion a failed one. Although if you do read it, I’d be interested in hearing your criticisms. (You can read about the experiment at http://www.liminality.org/archives/104/, although I will warn you that the entry is on the long-winded side. Nothing new for me, of course.)

    Heh, sorry to spam your comments with a link.

    Oh, and break a leg. ;)

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