The Runabout

Here I am again on runabout, though it’s a mild one. I had class this morning, and unlike my previous classes, this one didn’t seem to scare the students very much. They seemed to leave the room with a good, happy feeling. I’m a little worried that I came on too strong in my other classes by letting students see my course outline, which in some cases had too much detail. It’s a symptom of nerves that one overprepares, as everyone knows… everyone except students, who just think, “Oh my God, this guy is asking SO much of us!”

Anyway, there’s nothing to be done about those other classes, and I’ll just have to hope that enough people stick around to discover that it’s not going to be as bad as all of that. I am a somewhat demanding teacher, but I do remember what it’s like to study (and work) with people whose expectations were just crazy, and I really do make an effort not to be like them.

There are so many things still left for me to do: there’s lesson-planning for the latter half of the week; I need to get the unneeded bed, washer, and maybe fridge (if I decide not to clean it and haul it to my office) removed from my place; I need to talk with someone about getting a spare card and key for Lime, and about getting the Internet connection in my apartment working; I need to get an ID and Password for the local SK wireless network; there’s the remnants of unpacking; oh, and a department meeting on Friday afternoon. Oh, and that huge pile of laundry, and the piece I decided to rewrite for Cahoots. Oh yeah, and… the list just goes on.

But I’m doing okay, really. I think.

PS: Although the Incheon Immigration Office was crammed full of people, I had the strong impression that the vast majority of them were just sitting around, hanging out, and passing the afternoon away from work; as for me, I took about 45 minutes to an hour to get in, done, and out. And that’s including the time it took for a form I didn’t know I needed to be faxed over from my employer. They were very organized, very efficient, and almost clear most of the way.

2 thoughts on “The Runabout

  1. This morning class I felt pretty relaxed,even though I kind of expected this class would be tough. However, it was not that tough.

    Gord! you did a good job in terms of you didn’t scare the students at all!!

    You said you were on runabout. I do too and hope at the same time!

    Everybody cheer up!!

  2. Thanks, criminal rose. I don’t know which one of my students you are, but anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow.

    By the way, the class website is at I didn’t give this address by mistake, did I?

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