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As some of you might have imagined, I have finally attained net access at home. It’s ever so slightly embarrassing how relieving this actually is… I could feel it, palpably feel my disconnection from the net, from those whom I know online, and it was a little disconcerting. My schedule is such that it’s a little hard to call Canada, though I think tomorrow I shall try give my mother a shout.

But tonight, I did a little catching up, and as anyone paying attention to the other posts from tonight can see, it was Ritu’s LJ I decided to catch up. I shall simply have to weed the living heck out of my Bloglines subscriptions, because there are far, far too many of them for me to keep up with and still remain productive.

In other news, I am now somewhat seriously planning on launching podcasts of a few of my short stories, especially those that I’ll be revising for submission for publication. This should be interesting. But for this week, I’m too busy: I’m meeting with student reporters to help them revise their articles for the campus’ quarterly English Magazine, planning lessons for my four different courses (5 classes, but two of them are different sections of the same course), and trying to really finish up this whole business of “moving in”. My office is basically set up, with tea stuff and a bunch of my books and papers, but my apartment still has a way to go: there’s a weird smell under the sink that is coming from who-knows-where, which I must exorcise by the end of the week; there’s a desktop covered with all kinds of currently-unwearable clothing that needs to be stored away, and there are a few smallish boxes remaining to unpack. But happily, even most of my unpacking is done.

So I guess I’m about to get back into a normal routine, which means long chunks of time spent in my office writing, and a decent sleep schedule. Which, of course, I have tonight failed to institute. It’s almost 1:30 am, and my next class is at 10:00am, but I’m not sleepy. Back in Montreal, I used to think attending evening classes made sleeping hard — and in Montreal, when I was in grad school, all of my classes were evening classes. But I must say, teaching regularly evenings, I’ve been wired at 10:00pm, and I shall just have to get used to that, since the evening-course program here is a big one.

On the plus side, students in most of my classes are relaxing, laughing, joking a little, and getting comfortable. Things I’ve noticed I need to rein in? Their understanding of English is mostly so good that I kind of rush explanations of homework, which is a big mistake. But otherwise, my excessive overplanning seems to be paying dividends.

Or perhaps I speak too soon; we’ll see how tomorrow’s classes go.

5 thoughts on “Back Online

  1. Heh, and you know, I think it a virtue. I’ve thought about making my site more like yours in that way. In fact, I’ve bought myself a lot more storage space and I’m thinking of remaking this site a little — moving the blog off center stage and making room for other stuff, more related to my writing specifically. We’ll see how far I get with that, though; I have a feeling it might be a summer holidays project, or something.

  2. It’s amazing how slowly change comes on the internet, given its ephemeral nature. I’ve been planning a (mostly invisible) reworking of my site for some time now, but who knows when that will happen.

    Still, I for one would certainly welcome more of your writing here. But please don’t make your site like mine. Me, I’ve got all that nifty space for content… and practically no content. :(

  3. lol… i know what you mean about being disconnected. I didn’t have my computer for one week (well, week and a half) and I feel like I’ve been off the loop forever and missed loads of really, really important things. It’s kind of sad, really. :D

  4. Yeah, it’s kinda pathetic, huh?

    But then again, I have noted that when I have near-continual access to a computer, I am also much more productive. I’ll be testing that this afternoon: I have about two-and-a-half hours before my next committment — a meeting with students for an orientation and party — and I’m going to try get at least half a story revised up to send-out quality.

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