Too Expensive, but…

I don’t smoke, and I never will, but I still want these WWII Anti-Axis propaganda ashtrays.


I wonder if there’d be any market for knockoffs, or something similar, but with contemporary figures. I betcha bin Laden ashtrays would sell well. And Bush ones, too.

4 thoughts on “Too Expensive, but…

  1. Back when I was a wee lad and my dad would take me to gun shows, paraphernalia mocking the Ayatollah Khomeini was very popular. And actually…if I were going to look for WWII propaganda knockoffs, a gun show is among the first places I’d go.

  2. Yes, probably, though not far underground at all by American standards. In the US a gun show is about as far underground as a farmer’s market. :-)

  3. Is that by Texas standards, or would it apply equally to Delaware and Massachusetts? :) If it would, I’m a little more scared of y’all than I used to be.

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