Wasting Away… Not Quite

Kat recently commented that she’s lost weight. Well, oddly enough, so have I. Lime commented on it the other day when she saw me wearing my very gaudy Ganesha t-shirt that I bought in Bangkok almost two months ago. She said, “When you tried that shirt on in the shop, it was a little to tight, but now it fits you pretty well.”

It’s true. My suit jackets are a little looser, my belts are getting buckled one hole tighter, and my pants are still unwilling to stay at full mast — no longer is there the pinioning effect of my gut to keep them up high. So I know I’ve lost weight, but it’s for the wrong reasons. I’ve been too busy settling in to go to the gym. I haven’t even really gone walking much. Between lesson-planning, settling in, and sorting things out here, I haven’t had a chance to really exercise.

The thing is, I also haven’t kept up so well with eating meals, either. Teaching evening classes is part of that: I am making a concerted effort NOT to eat before bed, but on Thursday, for example, when I have classes from 6pm-7:45pm, then an office hour, and then two more hours of class, I only get back to my flat after 10:30 and I can’t eat then.

So I’ve been missing meals. I’m been skipping them, rather, rising a little later than I used to, and eating only two meals a day. I’m not sure it’s such a bad thing, but on the other hand, Lime pointed out that if one doesn’t eat enough, one risks things like diabetes. So maybe this does need sorting out. I don’t know.

I’d like to keep this weight off, as long as I keep it off in the right way: ie., by exercising, not by staying stressed-out and too busy to eat meals.

Perhaps next semester, I’ll use textbooks for all my classes. The things do come in handy in terms of simplifying lesson plans, since you don’t have to keep preparing, printing, and copying handouts every week.

Gaah. Gotta go take a shower before the water guy arrives. He comes only once a week and I want to find out whether I can rent a cooler or whether I have to buy one.

UPDATE (10 minutes later): I caught him, and got my first bottle of water, but they don’t have a cooler rental service, so it seems I shall have to buy one from somewhere. I think I’ll ask Lime to check online tonight, as the coolers I saw at E-Mart were a little expensive at W160,000. Perhaps we can get down to W120,000 if we order one online. (But it’s worth it even at W160,000, for the quality of life that comes with having nice cool drinking water, and hot water at the perfect temperature for tea, all on-demand.)

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