‘Nother Modest Proposal

Over at Epiphany in C, there’s A Modest Proposal for the Military Industrial Complex posted by speed of Dave. The scary bit is that he’s hit the nail on the head in terms of the kinds of logic used to justify war abroad. Worth a read. Here’s a taste:

To all of you who are in the business of blowing things up (people, buildings, etc), I want you to know that I understand that you need to make large sums of money in order to do so. Being that this is the case, and that I would hate to rob you, or your families of their livelihood (for example in the case of world peace, or, sudden global cease-fire) — I offer this modest proposal that just may stabilize the world a bit, and perhaps make it easier to live my life without constant rage.

My proposal: A lottery system for carpet bombing neighborhoods in America.

Hear me out, please. It’s not so bad.

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