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Adam is right. George Will needs to shut the f*ck up instead of trying to convince us global warming is good.

Adam rants:

People that are able to tell their asses from hot rocks have no difficulty understanding that climate data collection and analysis has improved over the last several decades, and that all of the data we are seeing indicates that things are going to get hotter, faster – and soon. Mosquitos that carry malaria and dengue fever are spreading northward, polar bears are losing habitat, glaciers all over the world are getting smaller, and some pencil-necked twit thinks Global Warming might turn out to be a good thing? A recent article in Scientific American pointed out that the increase in CO2 is making the oceans more acidic, which in turn eats away at the shells of plankton that are at the center of several food webs. How is that helpful?

That’s not even the best part. The best part is when the oceanic temperatures rise enough that the huge frozen, pressurized deposits of methane in the ocean floor are released into the atmosphere. Methane is a much more efficient greenhouse gas than all this carbon we pump out. Oooh, Will grins, more of a good thing, right?

Well, if you call mass extinction on Earth a good thing, sure, it’ll be paaaaarty time. Not for us though. Maybe for the cockroaches.

If your agenda isn’t keeping the planet alive, then shut up.

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