The Decline And Fall Of Europe?

The Decline And Fall Of Europe is, yes, sobering, but there’s one thing the author overlooks, which is that Europe could take immigrants from places other than the Middle East. Immigrants from Asia, for example, would probably meld into European culture well, just as they have in North America. Just as there is not inherent hostility toward Europe by, say, Chinese, Europe isn’t anywhere near as hostile towards Chinese as, say, to Turks or Lebanese.

I’d like to see Europe do well. Whether it does, though, depends on its ability to change. A friend recently wrote to me in an email from Nilgris Hills, Tamil Nadu, where he’s volunteering, the following passage:

Cultural preservation? I don’t know about that concept anymore. The current changes course quick and you better go with the flow or you’re gonna be hurtin. Every culture loses things and they adapt and that’s just the way things are I think. All my ancestors left and started new and changed and traditions are dying and being born every minute every where.

This is as true of Europe and it is of Tamil Nadu: change is sometimes just necessary, and all of the biggest changes in history, it seems to me, have come from either the introduction of a new technology, or the introduction of new people from some other group into a population.

It’s funny, though, because the current does change quickly. The author assumes no change in North America, and I have a feeling that’s not how things will pan out. Who knows? The future’s so open and wide… but it seems to me this century will test the limits of our ability to predict anything in the short term, not just the medium and long term.

2 thoughts on “The Decline And Fall Of Europe?

  1. Hello Gord,

    Fareed Zakaria, the author of the piece to which you link, wrote one of the most important books of our times :The Future of Freedom: Illberal Democracy at Home and Abroad. It points out the dangers of mobocracy, beginning in California. I highly recommend the book to you and your readers.

    I agree with what you say about taking immigrants from places other than the Middle East, although I must point out that Lebanese Maronites have assimilated quite well into French society. Italy has been seeking immigrants from Latin America, especially those of Italian descent from places like Argentina.

  2. Hi Shinja,

    I agree that plenty of Middle-Eastern immigrants have integrated perfectly well in lots of Western countries. I met many Lebanese people in Montreal, for example, who seemed mostly quite happy… though one Tunisian friend reported a lot more unease after 11 September 2001. And a lot of that unease was related not to her own actions, but the conduct of some white Montrealers to her and those of her friends of visibly Middle-Eastern descent.

    Which is part of what I was gesturing towards: Europe seems to have some serious issues in its own reception of Middle-Eastern immigrants. All I was saying is that these are not the only potential sources of immigrants, if Europe really is having a labour problem.

    I’ll consider adding Zakaria’s book to my ever-growing list to to-read stuff.

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