Okay, Okay, Just A Meme

I’m just off to bed, but I saw this meme on Melissa’s blog and decided to try it.

Two Names You Go By
1. Gord
2. 고드 (but never 고든)

Two Parts of Your Heritage
1. French-Canadian
2. Scottish-Malawian

Two Things That Scare You
1. The fact my girlfriend risked herself getting renal failure while pumping a suicide-attempter’s stomach in the ER a few weeks ago.
2. George Bush and his Administration

Two Everyday Essentials
1. Coffee
2. Some time online

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. A gold chain with a medallion my mom gave me after my father’s funeral; the medallion was given to his grandfather for services rendered to a bowling club in Glasgow between the wars.
2. A T-shirt advertising some brand or other of Thai beer

Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists
1. John Coltrane
2. Mouse on Mars

Two Things You Want in a Relationship
1. Imagination
2. Polyglot conversation

Two Truths
1. Don’t attribute to evil what can be attributed to bloody stupid.
2. Never promise crazy a baby. (Stolen from Arrested Development.)

Two things You Hate (or at least really dislike)
1. The nasty scent that occasionally wafts up from under my sink.
2. A Korean dish involving spam called “Budae Chigae”.

Two physical features that Appeal to You
1. Bright eyes.
2. Freckles.

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. Writing
2. Cooking (My goodness, same as Melissa!)

Two Things You Want Really Badly
1. To get firm official permission from my employer to attend Clarion West this summer.
2. To be right. :)

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. Mongolia.
2. Great Britain.

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. Publish several of the novels that are dancing about in my head all the time.
2. Raise a few kids, but do a good job of it.

Two Ways that you are stereotypically a Chick/Guy
1. I’m not very tidy (though better than I used to be).
2. I would never, ever make a quiche.

Two Things You Normally Wouldn’t Admit
1. I’m addicted to the Internet. Wait, no I’m not. Uh…
2. The reason I don’t study Korean is because I get by fine these days even though I’m not, and I feel unmotivated in general by my circumstances… it’s too easy not to do it, so I’m not. Which is bad, which is why I don’t admit it.

10 thoughts on “Okay, Okay, Just A Meme

  1. Why wouldn’t you bake a quiche? It tastes good and it’s easy to make. Omelet in a pie crust, how easier can you get?

  2. *How did Lime risk renal failure? I’m intrigued.
    *”Never promise crazy a baby?” I’ve just watched the entire series 1 and 2 and episodes 1-11 in series three and I can’t remember where this line fits in. Help!
    *Go to Mongolia, it’s simple.
    *Read Dr Sears and Alfie Kohn.

  3. Guys,
    * I had a very bad experience with quiche as a child. I’m going to leave it at that.

    *She pumped the stomach of a guy who attempted suicide. The method this guy selected was by drinking a VERY harsh pesticide, something so harsh it’s been banned in places like the US where it’s manufactured. (But not in Korea!) The nurses warned her that she’d better make sure she she had gloves on an was careful, since the last intern who pumped this crap out of someone’s stomach got a few drops on his skin, and was in the hospital for a month or two with serious problems in that area; and a few drops could induce renal failure, they warned her. (In point of scary fact, the guy’s wife died, just because when she performed mouth-to-mouth on him, he vomited some of the pesticide into her mouth and she didn’t get treatment immediately.)

    *Paw-paw says it to the secretary in the hotel room when she has the coolerful of evidence and him as hostages. He despairingly says something like, “Damn it, I shoulda known, you NEVER promise crazy a baby!”

    *I will when I get a chance. However, this summer it’s impossible… tho, I have two questions: 1. Will you guys be there this summer, and 2. How far is Bermagui (sp?) from Melbourne? I mean, I looked at a map, and it looks far, but is it prohibitively far from Melbourne? I have a friend getting married there this summer, you see.

    *Okay, will do.

  4. It’s about 10 hours drive from Melbourne. Would make a nice road trip if you had the time and money. This summer we will be in Sydney and on the South Coast, not Bermagui exactly, but about 3/4 of an hour away, also going to go up to Queensland to check out whether we’d like to live in Brisbane for a while.

    Paw-Paw? It took me a minute to figure out who you meant. I always thought it was Pop-Pop. Kind of like Bob Loblaw would 법 럽 로 in Australian English. Anyway thanks for reminding me, what a great show!

  5. 10 hours drive? I can’t drive. I assume there is a bus service, but if it’s too expensive it might not be possible. I’ll be pretty low on funds, relatively speaking, by the end of the summer, if things go my way.

    It probably is Pop-pop, but it was stuck in my head as Paw-pop and I goofed up the last letter of the nickname.

    It is a great show. I gotte get my hands on season 3. And sometime I should get a copy of Dead Like Me over to you guys. Just the first disc, see if you like it.

  6. By the way, what the hell is the grandma’s nickname in Arrested Development? It sounds like “Gengee” or “Genki” but what is it exactly, and why the hell are they using that word?

    Wait, on this forum they say it’s “Gangy”. Weird.

  7. Gord, I have a question for you. I can always read your private posts when I log in to your blog. However, it seems that my users cannot see my private posts when they log in.

    According to the WordPress Codex here, it says “If set to Private, the post will be saved as a private post, accessible only by you, the user/author and not the public.”

    This seems to imply that my private post function will not allow logged in users to read “private” posts. If you have a bit of time, can you let me know how you do it? I’d really appreciate your help.

  8. I have a plugin that allows people to read the Private posts as long as they have an appropriate user level. But the plugin’s function seems to have been superceded by the new WordPress, since it doesn’t use User Levels but instead a different concept involving “Roles”.

    If you want more info on the plugin, though, it’s called Post Levels.

    There’s another one I have installed with the same function for Pages, and it’s here.

    But if you’re using or planning to upgrade to WordPress 2.0, you may wish to explore other options. I will be, but not until sometime like August. (Unless spam or something else becomes an issue, which is unlikely.)

  9. Thank you, Gord! I just received an email today from my hosting company in which they mentioned the new WordPress, and will look into upgrading. I hope that there won’t be too many bugs. Thanks again.

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