Where To Download Movie Trailers

After spending some time looking for a useful video clip with a nerd depicted in it, which was long enough to have students pick out ten physical, verbal, gestural, or other traits that marked a character as a nerd, and realizing this was frankly impossible within the DVDs I have in my own collection, I realized that the perfect medium would be a movie trailer for a film about a nerd.

After searching in vain for a long time for a place where I could actually download the trailer files themselves (it’s better not to be dependent on streaming media since this is for an exam and all) I came across The Movie Insider, which is one of the few places that offers a link with which Save As works properly.

Can’t say which film I chose to use the trailer from, since the exam is on Thursday and a student might happen across my site — one has already this semester — but instead I’ll point to a different trailer that really made me want to see the film when it comes out. It’s been out for a while, I know, but this A Scanner Darkly trailer just about blew my mind! Can’t say I’m exactly crazy about Linklater, but this story and this animation fit one another very well.

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