Growing Pains Star Now Creationist Moron

Ever wonder what Kirk Cameron is doing? This scary video will answer your curiosity.

Link from Crooks and Liars, and it is a pretty noxious bit of sophistry… the banana and evolutionary complexity prove the existence of God? Uh, I though that was supposed to be about faith? It takes omniscience to be an atheist but not to be a theist? There’s no such things of atheists, only agnostics?

Of course cars and buildings have makers — we explicitly know that they are man made. This does not mean everything has a maker. Duh. And the “real atheist” they met and interviewed was just being polite in the face of an idiotic argument. The interview is quite disturbing. “Ways to make an atheist backslide”? Ugh.

Sad quote: “It’s not wise to stay in the intellect, and wrestle with someone intellectually, because it’s going to take you down a rabbit-trail and waste all your time.”

5 thoughts on “Growing Pains Star Now Creationist Moron

  1. I finally watched/listened to the video yesterday. Having seen similar products before, I wasn’t too surprised at the content.

    Among other things, I didn’t like the interviews with the bystanders. Those weren’t conversations; they were setups. There may be people who have been converted to Christianity from such a conversation, but I wouldn’t have ever been one of them.

  2. Yeah, not only that, but they were edited so as to give the “interviewer” the last word. I have a feeling that (a) when choosing which interviews to air, they carefully selected ones with interviewees who weren’t overly stupid, but also weren’t reallywilling or well-equipped to debate, and (b) that even so, some of the refutations that were edited out were pretty strong and damning.

    I was surprised that the guy from Growing Pains went in that direction in life. Didn’t one of the women from Three’s Company also do that? What’s with sitcom born-agains? I don’t get it.

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