Marking Countdown

Here’s what’s left for me to mark:

  • 8 of the Advanced Writing Course essays (2-3 pages each)
  • 28 11 in-class essays (meaning handwritten, 1-3 pages double spaced)
  • a few outlines that have not yet been submitted for my public speaking course midterm
  • the one remaining outline that one student forgot to do up for class today (because she was studying for her last exam, an excuse I accepted because she’s generally a good student), but will be handing in tomorrow morning

Here’s what I’ve already marked:

  • 70 in-class essays (meaning handwritten, 1-3 pages double spaced)
  • 15 speeches (with the audio files edited and uploaded to the class site for student review)
  • ~60 recipes
  • 12 outlines for Advanced Writing Course essays
  • 12 Advanced Writing Course essays (2-3 pages each)
  • 15 in-class handwritten Media English exams (2-3 pages each)
  • 15 character analyses (~500 words each) of movie characters written by Media English students analyzing representations of “Cool” and “Nerds” in popular movies

I should finish the essays and some of the in-class essays tomorrow, and the rest of the in-class essays on Tuesday and Wednesday for review on Thursday morning. As for the speech outlines, they’ll be quick and easy, as long as people actually hand them in.

There are also a few assignments that people have, for whatever reason, not handed in yet. Still, the end is in sight!

UPDATE: The last three handwritten in-class exams were the killer. They took me 2 hours. Well, actually, only the last two did. One of them involved a few sentences plagiarized from this article in the Korea Herald, and that earned the student an F. Once you fail someone on an exam for plagiarism, you don’t need to write all the comments, corrections, and markings that will remind you exactly what made you deduct this point here or award that point there.

Yay! Now, I’m off to post a somewhat tardy note to the Clarion West mailing list. I started a meme there so we could get to know one another through a discussion of recently-read books, and though I launched it, I haven’t yet submitted my own list! (I have a draft somewhere from a marking break, but I want to look it over again before I post it.)

2 thoughts on “Marking Countdown

  1. I’ve got one class left to mark, myself, and am counting down, too! What impressed me the most here was the sheer variety of stuffy you are marking.

  2. I just finished about two minutes ago, at least, the grading, and counting exams to make sure I had them all in the pile. Tomorrow morning, I am handing the exams back to the students for them to look over their writing, my editorial comments and grading system, and so on. Whew! It’s nice to be done.

    The variety is due to the program I’m teaching the things that aren’t directly content-based are writing classes where my assignments are effectively product-directed as much as possible — write a recipe, write a letter, write a sketch of your partner, etc. I should actually have thought up different assignments for the two elementary writing classes, as well as staggering their assignments a week out of step with one another. I’m doing that for the rest of semester. 30 recipes at one time, once every six months, that’s okay, but 60 recipes is simple torture.

    Whoops, I forgot to include the exams from my Media English course.

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