Losing It

Weight, that is. One secretary and two students today commented that I seem to be losing weight. The nice thing is that this must actually be true — my clothing is getting looser, something which I didn’t think was true before but now I notice definitely has been happening — actually, I suspected it when I fit into jeans that, just a few months ago, were uncomfortably tight. It’s enough so that I’ll actually probably have to get some of the pants for my newer suits taken in a little! And given the fact I’ll be adjusting to new water and now-somewhat-unfamiliar (North American) food while in Seattle this summer (not to mention working like a dog at my writing), I suppose I’ll continue losing weight. It’d be nice if I dropped a whole size by the end of summer, or even more.

I’m hoping that this fall, I’ll have completely adjusted to my schedule and work and classes so that I can begin again with my exercise regimen. While it’s a bit hilly for cycling, there’s always the gym on campus, a swimming pool nearby, and that good old standby, going for

UPDATE: I should add, Lime has noted that I’ve lost weight, but I thought she was wrong until a few days ago, when I realized I did fit into some old, previously not-comfortably-wearable jeans. She called it, and she was right. But I note it now because it’s noticeable enough that other people have even said my face is thinner than before.

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