Teacher’s Day

It’s teacher’s day in Korea. You know, like it was Mother’s Day in North America yesterday? (Yes, I had a lovely chat with my Mum, but didn’t post about the day since she never reads my website.) Well, today it was teacher’s day.

Our students here are really very sweet. They held a party for the occasion, for the professors in the department, which was sweet in itself. (I felt badly arriving late, but I’d had class, and it went overtime, and then I helped a student sign up for her classblog, something she should have done 2.5 months ago, and which I’ve been bugging her about for a while, and something that’s important to her class grade.)

Anyway, they gave me a gift — I think, through the department. It was clothing: a Korean soccer jersey and matching shorts! I’ve never had a soccer jersey before in my life, and it was really very touching. We had cake and then I talked with one of the other professors.

In a few minutes, I’ll be off to drop in at another student-planned party for teachers, one that will be considerably less-well-attended by professors — I fear I’m the only one who’ll turn up, and even I can only stay for a little while before I have to go teach my Monday evening class. I’d best go, as I’m going to have to get my head around the final projects for my writing classes. The Elementary Course classes need their final projects announced today and tomorrow, because they’re going to be due at the end of this month. Anyway, off I go now!

UPDATE: I briefly attended the Campus English Magazine club room, and was showered with food and gifts by a group of nice kids who are part of that club (and whose work I edit quarterly for the campus English magazine). They gave me a very nice white teapot with teacups, the Korean style “jan” cups with no handle. Quite nice, really.

Finally, when I came to my office this evening, I found that students — maybe the same group from before, maybe not — had put on my office door balloons and a sign that read, “Thanks Teacher!” It was very sweet of whoever did it, and I’ll try get a picture of it to post.

Now, it’s time for me to update the class website — I’ve given the final project assignment to my Elementary Composition classes and while it’s fresh in my head, I want to post the details, including the fine point questions and things I would not have anticipated students asking.

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  1. Wow! Well, I had two classes but they both went well. And some students (I don’t know when or from where) gave me another surprise (which I’ll mention in the body of the post).

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