A New ESL/EFL Wiki

The indefatigable EFL Geek has started something new: an ESL & EFL Wiki.

For those of you who don’t know what a Wiki is, the short version is that it is the most promiscuous of website forms. That means that just about anyone can edit it, contribute, and so on.

What this means is that he’s started a cooperative website at which people can post articles, links, information, materials, resources, and so on. It’s a lovely idea, and I heartily encourage anyone who’s interested in, or working in the field of, EFL or ESL to go on over there and contribute.

I’ve also heard rumors from a little digital bird that he’s thinking of starting a learn-Korean podcast, if enough contributors are interested. In my opinion, what would be most useful would be bilingual Koreans who would make podcasts on the subject, but anyway, he’s looking for anyone who can help with that. If you’re interested, go find him and let him know. I’d surely subscribe, even if I’m not sure I’m qualified to contribute at all. (Maybe occasionally, with my girlfriend on hand to correct me.)

This is new and exciting. Go get into it on the ground floor!

4 thoughts on “A New ESL/EFL Wiki

  1. Thanks for the blurb – The Korean podcast is the one I’m most interested in and also the one I need the most help with since I don’t have the Korean skills nor do I know of any Koreans that would be able to help out.

    Anyhow I’ve got some ideas running around in my head and am now talking with Charles (of liminality) and his wife about it. What I’m ultimately interested in getting is something similar to http://chinesepod.com though not commercial.

  2. Noncom means it’ll be harder to find people willing to put time into it, but I don’t think commercial would necessarily be a successful venture anyway. Though you never know: it might be worth a try. There are enough students in places all over studying Korean. I don’t know… but I suspect it’d not a money-maker and therefore commercial might not be a sensible plan anyway.

  3. Gord,

    good points. I may go with a tiered approch similar to chinesepod in that podcasts are free but other materials require a subscription. I’m not sure yet and it would depend on interest and how frequently we could get podcasts published.

    Anyhow, I would like your feedback – please feel free to post in the forum dedicated to this project.

  4. No time for it right now… trying to prep for Clarion is taking up almost all my free time, after grading, a last-minute editing job, edits for the campus English magazine, and other assorted random stuff. I’m also in the foothills of the grading deluge… working through the last “homework assignments” tonight, and then tomorrow the last non-final-project essays.

    Then it’s all final projects for a few weeks: some book and movie reviews, final essays, a few media essays and creative projects, and a bunch of final presentations. I’ll be grading in every spare moment, I fear.

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