Vitreous humour is not funny

For those who arewondering why my eye has been bugging me, the process of liquefaction of the vitreous humour — the jelly like stuff that makes up the bulk of your eye — is discussed in this Wikipedia article.

I was asked recently what was happening with my eye, and gave a long explanation I don’t wish to repeat, but I’ll note that things are a fair bit better now. My new glasses prescription and the unscratched lenses of my new glasses are definitely helping. In addition, the rest and stress-reduction of the last few days seems to be helping as well.

I still have some light-sensitivity issues — some of this, the opthamologist warned me, is probably connected to the liquefaction of the vitreous humour, and I suspect some is related to stress — but all in all things are improving and the red panic lights are no longer flashing.

I am, however, still trying to minimize time spent blogging and so on. If for no other reason than rest is good for one, a stressful period of grading is about to start, and because I still have a fair bit of reading and research I’d like to get done before I fly to Seattle in just a little over two weeks’ time.

And I am baffled that the opthamologists all failed to ask me about my glasses, though I wore them to the hospital on all three occasions. It seems to me only sensible, considering rhe kind of bad effect scratched lenses can (apparently) have. Ah well, once again, if you want something done right, you need to educate yourself about it and look out for your own situation.

2 thoughts on “Vitreous humour is not funny

  1. Sorry to hear about your ailment, and having recently undergone several weeks of physio I can certainly sympathise. Good to be back blogging.

  2. Actually, I am feeling a fair bit better now. Sorry to hear about your own physio… I’ll pop over and see if you’ve posted the skinny on what happened…

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